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Met a new friend at work (wfh) , today he asked 500rs , i had less balance but still i didn’t know if i shud trust him or not , but eventually sent him the amount , but now I’m feeling sad for myself ,it feels bit strange I don’t know why ?

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Rashael @rashael


Maybe coz u don’t trust the person wholeheartedly but sent the money due to moral reasons which doesn’t allow you to leave someone in despair. But at the same time u don’t want any1 to take advantage of you. It happens but I guess just be a little cautious next time. While the person may really be in need , they can just be using you 2. So be careful.


You feel sad because you helped him at your cost. Or maybe you feeling sad because you sent him the amount despite not being sure about trusting him I guess. And I think it’s a natural feeling. You cant undo it. But I’d say wait and watch, if he pays you back in time, then you should be sorted. And from next time, I guess, not do things when you are at stake?


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