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Messed up…Carrying a lot of tussles from the past life, and very eager to sort them, ASAP.

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i think that it is completely normal for us look back at the things that have happened in the past – our mistakes, problems, regrets, struggles and many more. these things are completely inevitable in our lives. after all, we are just human beings. nobody is ever really perfect, and there is absolutely no one who does not have any regrets or mistakes in their lives. personally, i have experienced many things in my past that i want to completely forget and erase. there are many things that i have messed up, and many things that i regret. although, i think that the best thing to do in this situation is to pick ourselves up, and look forward to the future.

our past is indeed a part of who we are today, and it is honestly impossible to completely detach ourselves from it. although, that does not mean that our past defines us to who we are today. it takes time to fully accept ourselves as a whole. i suggest that you do not rush yourself in trying to fix your tussles from your past. i think that the first step is to understand the situation as you then slowly accept these things. In the end, learn from these struggles in order to grow stronger and better in the future.

don’t give up! (:


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