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Mayu @free_star_3

Merriage is just a adjustment for families??
Towards family there is a priority list but for wife there is no priority no responsibility??
I am very much feeling lonely not knowing what to do for getting such disheartened answers.
About personal life he never much interested,if I talk about it then he is saying I am complaining.
It’s too much to write what I m feeling right now. What to do with it now.
His sister stays near by us he want to go there only when we get me time he thinks of family only. We had travel once only in these 5 years of merriage. I always surprise him, gave me time try to serve him all . But he didn’t even bother. I always split my earning for him and love alot by just to see him happy does all. In return he didn’t even try to get close to me till 15-30 days a month. I have to beg for love as well , then he try to spend personal time only once in a week i.e. on Saturday,if we skip Saturday for any reasons have to wait untill next Saturday, it goes on like this. Am I only the one who suffers like this?

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anuj @anujvohra

That can happen. Pls try to communicate with your partner regarding this without looks like complaining. Early weekdays morning or late night should also be considered. If it continues, try to take help from a marriage counselor if it’s okay with both of you. Also, it’s looks like the disatsifcation is happening more towards your side because you think that you are not getting a good bargain with the things you are doing for yourself and family . Communicate more and speak to your close friends to have different views


Try to talk with your partner about it. Discuss your feelings and thoughts with him in a calm way and see what he has to say about all this. See if he understands you or not.
If you want to talk nd share more about your emotions and feelings inside you then feel free to connect with me anytime. 😇

Mayu @free_star_3

Actually I researched on it alot. So as all said have to discuss with the partner,so I does it after every 2-3 month and he understands me for a week he try to do what I have refer but after a week he behaves like same again. I am literally stuck here in my own thoughts. About love I have to beg,about time I have to beg and about to get me something I have to buy. If he wants to do anything does it for his family only. Not a single thing he does it for me. I have daughter of 1.5 yr old. I am totally exhausted because of her. But never ask a word for help does all chores of her and me and as well as his , Example can give that I repaired his laptop go to the shop for it spend 5000 and does myself only. He only came home to eat and sleep at 10 and wake up by 8 and go to the office I am feeling like a care taker and just running a hotel where his chores done perfectly.

Mayu @free_star_3

Idk where am I wrong and have no one to talk. Actually this is the first time try to talk on this topic got the platform for it. I always discuss this with him only. But he said I have only complaint. Never try to understand only judges me. He buy a house for parents, try to make happy to his sister always got time ran towards her, he does marriage of his brother. I support in all. But in 5 yr of marriage I still don’t have any ring for me. I have to buy ring to show all of them that he gave me a ring. A single pieces of my life I have to take care only. Is that I am wrong? He said all the things a men has to do. Now towards wife only understanding is there?? He support his brother the day one now he married and she has to buy 2lack gold so my husband support them by giving half into it. And now I have asked where is issue with mine ? Don’t have money for me, don’t have time and don’t want to go out with me. So I am comparing with all he said I am not mature so he just stop talking with me.

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Pls look out for yourself. My mom has faced this issue a lot also her inlaws are damn toxic. If your partner doesn’t listen u need to do something. These things can’t be ignored. These type of men do not give priority to their wife god knows what they have been taught since their childhood. If he isn’t listening do something. Dont bear all this things. I repeat don’t tolerate all this. Your life will be miserable. I have seen my mother…such marriages work only in adjustments done by u only.


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