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B @ykwhat

Mere ko footage chahiye is app pr kis topic pr post likhu can anyone guide lol不不

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Pehle to dp change kr tu

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B @ykwhat

Itna handsome bnda toh lga rkha lol 不不不


Sabse pehle picture hata apna badme soch footage etc k baare mein


Hm ok then aage ka step.不不


Pehle yeh kr bhai


Broo, few things which you can try:

1) Change he/him to she/her, and post any random sh_it
2) Write something wrong about Girls or Guys. Or yk some random post on gender bias especially around the app.
3) Write totally random number or statement. It should not make sense.
4) create 5-10 fake accounts, and react to your own post. Its a new trick.
5) Tag Random person from the community. And write anything you want. Its fine even if you dont know them.
6) Spam the wall. People will notice you.
7) React to each & every post. People will notice you.

There are lot of others. But for now, try one of these.

And and Enjoy the Stay & the bhaav.

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B @ykwhat

Na na rhn dete hai itna kaam kon krega apn ase hi thik hai baaki maana na pdega is app k logo ko itna sb krne ka time bhi mil jata

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