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Mental issues I guess we all are dealing with something or the other. But what troubles me the most is my career, as I am confused all the time.I don’t know what I want to do. I try and get drained easily.I feel like my peers are ahead of me socially/academically/financially. I feel like I lack time /structure and talent. I feel like I am lost and don’t know anything I am doing in life. I have stop socializing bec the first question that pops up is what are you doing nowadays? No one asks you if you are okay or not ,the first question they ask is about your life. Maybe I need new friends and want to start everything again. Am I losing time or lost in time? I am just 22 I should be enjoying and be carefree but I am not.I just can’t do it. Even if I am in party all I think is I am just killing time…I have gone to a therapist/career counsellors but nothing worked. All they say is it’s now in my hands. It’s so much pressure at times. I feel like I am not strong enough like everyone is and I don’t want to be a part of this rat race. I am trying my best. There’s some financial trouble in my family as well,maybe that’s the reason. Because of this I have never been in a stable relationship. I want to get out of it ,this paranoia,guilt,low self esteem has troubled me since school but it seems never ending. How to get rid of it?

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Simran @st1199

I too was confused about what to do in life next. I am not sure what I truly want from life. I too regret some decisions of my life. I wished I had thought of this XYZ thing before. But can I undo and restart again? Will these things help me in any way? Are these letting me move forward? It’s a 50-50 case. I have learned from these and worked upon my present and trying to do better for the future because’s that in your hands, right? And not sitting and wondering why I did this and wasting more time thinking and blaming myself for it.

If I compare myself with anybody else even my own friends, is it benefitting me? Are we even in the same field to compare with? Only if it’s in my interest to get a “competitive” feel then it’s fine, because we just use it against ourselves to do better. And for the other times, it just lets you down. If she/he can do this, why can’t I? or Why haven’t I? Why you have to compare your life with somebody else? Do you know how much they have worked to get there and have you worked in your own space that much to get there? Ask these questions and think about the answers.

Now, when it comes to financing you can’t do anything because it’s a phase and it will pass. Why even you want to have a life which somebody else has? Because they are not going under the same circumstances as you? Or because you want a happy life only? Again, NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO SOMEONE ELSE, WE DON’T KNOW THEIR STRUGGLES BEHIND TO GET SOMEWHERE IN LIFE. We just want the result without working and that can’t happen. Focus on yourself. Focus on how to reach heights. Explore what you want from life. Research about your interest and its future scope. Only and only grow from your past and be proud of it rather than wanting someone else life.
Lastly, if you are good at something (academically or not) it isn’t necessary others will be good too. You would have that as your USP. Use it for yourself than chasing everything academically in life. There are more things than academics.

I hope you get my point! 💜


I read the original statement and was about to craft a reply because your situation is one that I see a lot these days. And is one I have struggled with myself, however this person has saved me some time. I cannot stress this message enough.

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Simran @st1199

I didn’t get you, you have gone through what I have written and the other person’s message has saved you, or it’s the other way around you are talking about?


I’m saying that you’re message is the one that the original person should follow

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Simran @st1199

Ohh. Yes, everyone should.
I follow this way and I believe this way.


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