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sonal @sonal21

Me feeling just alone knowing nothing is going to happen with me in future .As i am wanted things are not gonna happen.its always with me that at last people left me alone .And i m kinda too nice with people that they forgot about me or pay less attention. As i m try to communicate with each and every person no much response i het i too dont know why but these things are going to happen with me for lifetime so how can i handle these situation

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Ruskin @ruskin

Make a circle which is yours not a one you are just a part of

sonal @sonal21

Yeah thats the confusing part sometime some people act as they are mine and the other time they ignore me

G M @illusionist

Simple… Be the way you’re and value yourself… There would surely be some people atleast a few to whom you’re more valuable than anything… Cherish with them… I’m seeing myself on reading this… Be yourself as much as you can… Everything will come in your way…

sonal @sonal21

Yeah its true thanks …

Pawan @pps

Know your own value!!

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Sun Shine @shineofsun

Increase your value dear

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sonal @sonal21


Rahul patel @rahulpatel55

Same situation with me.
I always help others but in response there is no outcome. I think these lines are true "Nice people always finish last ".I am trying to get out of my fears so that I can live my life freely. Nothing to care about what people thinks about me. Just want to enjoy my life. 😊

sonal @sonal21

Fear is that we are always been nice to those people but no one notices it they all think about thereself which is rude

Rahul patel @rahulpatel55

And this type of persons are called nice persons. They always give priority to others rather than themselves. Same problem with me that i always make my inferior and other superior and this kills my confidence. And This way I will lose my friends and nothing goes right 😒😒

sonal @sonal21

Yes i can understand😩

Rahul patel @rahulpatel55




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Meera @chim27

First off all you are brave enough to face every obstacles.

You just have to stay positive and cut off manipulative people (those who just with you bec. Of your advantage)
They act like you are a part of their group but next moment just stranger…

Don’t attached or expect anything from anyone
(Only our expectation hurts us more when it not done)

Set some boundaries, now i don’t say that be a cold heartless person… No!!
Only care for those who actually care for you…

And for other (advantage seeker) just smile in front of them and ignore them like doormat.

You are going to be the best version of yourself in future…
Just belive in yourself

Take care ✨

sonal @sonal21


Drone My Base @sallumumbai

Hi there, My take on this is. No matter how hard you try it’s difficult to trust people at all the times. Best option is live for urself and if you do anything for anyone don’t expect anything in return as it will make you only unhappy. And yes be around people who inspire you and make you happy. Always look forward for a positivity and I am sure universe will give it back to you. I beleive in law of attraction and yes it works

sonal @sonal21

Yeah thanks

Sahil Bolum @sahilbolum


Ranjit @ranjit

Same situation in my life also… Some people are act toxic… They don’t care feeling of other

sonal @sonal21


Harshal @harry1991

Self love

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for Ablo @sultan007

I have only one question dear
Are you
Expecting alot from the people’s

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Kevin KV @ram9980

Be bold and strong enough face to the situation

Luke John @lukejohn76

Value yourself
You can’t please everyone
If they are nice to you treat them nicely
If they bully u bully them.
Tit for tat
Don’t nice to every buddy
They don’t deserve that


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