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Me ek toxic relationship me thi … I think wo relationship sirf meri taraf se hi tha kyuki me hi effort lgati thi communication ko continue krne ke liye even mujhe days me replies aane lge…mene usse clear kr diya sb and hr jhag se remove kr diya and kuch dino baad kl raat uski snap pe request aayi hai …me hmesha usse dobara contact me aa jati hu or wo wesa hi rehta hai bilkul change ni ata …lekin uske single msg se bhi mujhe bhot khushi milti hai …wo hmesha excuse bna deta hai ki kis wjah se wo aise behave krta hai lekin mujhe sb jhut lgta hai kyuki uske words uske actions se match nhi hote…me kyaa kru ?

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Tarus @tarus


Shop Tube @villen98

Great it’s your burning time universe is preparing you for future

Paras @prsarora

Leave him
That’s it

vaibhav @vaibhavtyagi29

Enjoy your life don’t think about him

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samar69 @arnav01

samething mere sath bhi hua hai…

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samar69 @arnav01

emotinally strong bano…

Sandeep Singh @rajputbanan...


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Ayush Bhardwaj @ayushbhard...

Heyy everyone is talking about breakups and all but remember it still u r thinking he is not interested but remember maybe u are wrong. If u want it forever just took time to understand what is happening. Cuz same happens with me i was so engaged in my family prblm and all that I forgot to give time to her and that effort which she needed but i truly love her i tried to let her understand but she didn’t. Ik she was correct and we are no more together but i always regreat that maybe if she understands me… If he love you he will be try to let u understand wht is happening and sometimes u should trust him instead of being thinking about you only…

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