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Arman Dhillon @armankdhill...

Me and my friend had an argument and after listening so many of things from her our mutual friend said you guys should figured out you should message her and I always message her when she had a argument with me and I said to the mutual friend that I don’t have courage tell her if she want she can text me so I got message from her and she started asking me questions and than she said you are in trap I know you were lying or something and I was like what are you talking about I said truth to you and when she said you are in trap my heart shattered I was like what you want to prove that you were right all the time and it’s true btw I was so stressed and now she is behaving like she is right and I am wrong and our mutual friend is blaming me and no one of them understand my feelings!

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just say all the things you want to tell her, confront her, point out her doings that hurted you.
tell her clearly it is not okay to blame me for everything try to take some responsibility on your part.
she is your friend so tell her clearly and boldly.
Then leave it atleast until you cool it out or until she realises.
take a break and speak when you all are calm.

Arman Dhillon @armankdhill...

Ok thank you

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Arman Dhillon @armankdhill...

I really understand what you said but she is also a girl so am I the thing is she I tried to talk to her but I ended up listening to her and she just want to prove herself that she is right and she don’t care of someone and she wanted to tell me that you don’t deserve friendship

This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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