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Me and my bestfriend drifted apart after we caught feelings for each other knowing we couldn’t go back to normal.I broke up with my ex for her.I literally have no one to talk to. I was feeling low and called up a few friends some had classes on a sunday which they usually don’t… nvm excuse accepted… the rest had to sleep or watch a cricket match or play a game 🎮. I literally told them I need to talk and needed them and they didn’t find what I tried to say to be important. My ex or my bestfriend both isolated me from my friends and for them their friends were important but mine weren’t. I lost a few people who were important to me because I couldn’t be there for them. I have been manipulated by them that they’d always be there for me and I don’t need others . Yet they were the ones to leave me alone. I have lost most of my friends I have been trying to make new friends but can’t find the same or atleast similar bonds. I feel lonely sometimes. Another big problem is that I keep letting in people from past again and again they just use me and dump me. Each time when I think I’ve moved on someone from past comes in. They always come back in situations where I am very much vulnerable. Now I have a friend whom I considered to be like a sister who exploited and extorted me…I don’t have siblings so I love my friends like they are my family-a lot of people know this and take advantage of this. I let people come back thinking they’ve changed or they are irreplaceable because they just happen to be at my worse times but they are no good for me. Since I’ve already let them I want to distance gradually else it would be rude.but dealing with any further will disturb me mentally


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You care too much. You are available too much for everyone. You give away love in the hope to get love.
Heal your self-love deficit issues. Start being comfortable with being alone.
These situations keep happening so that you can address the deep trauma you have had. That is how the universe works. It brings out in you that which you are unconscious of.
People and relationships are simply are a projection of the dynamics of what’s going inside in you.

Do not allow people back, no matter how alone you are feeling right now. Once you heal your trauma, you’ll get a better set of people. Choose to not want manipulative people. You deserve the best.

How do you heal it? Start becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way whenever you are triggered.

Does that make sense?


Hmm I understand this feeling. Don’t worry you will overcome your problems and feelings with time


i think you should talk to your best friend and be in a relationship


We have treated each other like trash. Hurt each other and how can we pretend that things didn’t happen. It ended in an ugly way


i know it isnt easy but talking to your best friend might help you a bit


I tried multiple times but she doesn’t care anymore


then i think you should make new friends buddyyyy

Just try to enjoy your own company first n learn to focus on self care. Don’t ever run after people bcz you will get nobody the way u letting people in. Have enough self respect to move away from such people who doesn’t understand your feelings rather use you talk to you according to their moods.
Focus on your personal growth.
Stay blessed