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just a pause @justapause

Maybe this is my life… Even i am giving joy to my mother and other family… just not enjoying that myself… Maaa… I am your daughter, right?.. Do you think it’s fair to do that?
Uncle… Just reminding you that you told i can be your father but now did everything changed?

Brother… You faced much because of me right? You are only one who came for me but i made you suffer, right? I wish you a happy life being away from all this…
It’s paining but i know someday i will be a person who is happy as others

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Hey, everything okay?

just a pause @justapause

Yup everything okay, just sharing inner feelings


Ohh okay, but if there’s something you need we are here. Take care 😊


Yup, thank you

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duggu 🤍 @baloon_717

Hey is everything fine…take care…

just a pause @justapause

Yup everything okay
Just telling inner feelings


Listen don’t find happiness in others
It’s in you
And don’t do that makes you sad
Think about yourself
Don’t expect anything from others
None knows you like you do
Be there for you
I wish you’ll be happiest :)




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