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Maybe the problem is me. Maybe I’m boring. Maybe i need to refine. But it feels sad to be ignored all through my life. Besides having a cool family and a bunch of friends, I was never celebrated in my life. Not even once. I had no birthday parties. No appreciations. Not even a 2am friend to share my feelings with. I feel rotten inside. I feel like a complete failure🥲


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Umm do u celebrate urself? Do u make urself seen or heard? And ur not the problem. It happens, it takes time to find our tribe, keep looking for them make new friends don’t shut urself… celebrate urself set standards in front of people on how u want to be treated, if u feel ur not special the people around u are gonna treat u the same…it all starts with u. Try being someone’s 2am friend. Sometimes we need to break the ice they may not reciprocate but u gotta keep trying na.


Ur family doesnt celebrate when u succeed? Ur friends dont congratulate u?


Nope. That is one among my major concerns