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Maybe, I don’t know when, but maybe when I have saved more than enough money saved, well for long term goals as well kr retirement plan, I’ll build a library and not a bookstore. A library were people will get into with their socks on so they could get comfortable while reading their favorite books or researching. No one takes out the book or buy it. They will just read inside and they get to pay for how many hours they stayed. I think people could get their peace in there. No loud music, silence and order will be kept and a good harmony playing in the background. The aroma that will help you understand what you’re reading and help boost the imagination. If it’s a success, then we could level up to a membership something. Then those who’d like to donate a book will get a commission for every sign it receives at the end of the month. We could also promote local handcrafts and souvenirs there like my cross stitching, either shirts or framed, then the one Kuya Aldous shared earlier, creating accessories and miniatures using polymer clays. I think, I think this is nice.

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Wow, that’s such a great idea. Loved it ❤️💯

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Have a good day everyone🌻

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Why we always end up alone?

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