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Anthony @anthony

maybe a Trigger Warning this is to someone who is very important to me who has fibro amongst other medical problems…but cant find help for them.
good morning love…I hate saying that when it’s not good
I just want to greet you…but I know its with unsatisfying news attached…I wish I could cheer you up…but only if it could make shit better…lying and faking it is easy…but not when I cant fake how im feeling about you not being given a solution to your problems…im unhappy about these so called medical professionals that cant treat someones problems…yet they continue to get paid for their position in the medical field…its discouraging to someone who will someday need medical help and be turned away or ignored…it takes away the faith you try to have in these people…its disgusting to know that all that matters to them is your money…not your life…it makes me worried for my relatives most importantly my mum to one day have to go through this same shit…id have to make a decision to either have her in a medical facility or have her taken care of at her home instead due to the fact I dont trust doctors…I dont believe that they give a fuck…even myself when it comes to doctors or hospitals all I do is natural remedies…I dont like for them to get paid for the nothing they do…its not my money its the governments money for medical…but I still dont want them to get any money…theyre greedy lying thieves…they prescribe some of the stupidest shit for the easiest shit…and they make it difficult for someone to actually get the help they need…they treat people like neglectful babysitters…they tell you to take this and pat you on the bottom to send you away…leaving you to figure this and that out all on your own…some people end up worse than they were all because the babysitter didnt give them clear enough instructions on how to use this or take that…but they take all the credit if you get well…but give you the blame if you get worse…their lab coats and medical id’s helps them get away with incompetence,helps them continue to get paid,clears them of wrong doing…just like a pig in uniform and badge…theyre believed over you…youre either stuck with a huge hospital bill and or still having the same medical problem youve had for years…yet they continue to get paid as if they have done their job…if it was to fleece another patient or medical insurance company out of more money…then they have done their job flawlessly.
But me on the other hand feeling I have no one to depend on when I either cant take care of myself or my mum or relatives or just someone whom I care very much for such as you Susan…makes me feel stuck at a dead end…what can I do…what choices do I have…what are the alternatives…the answers that pop into my head as I ask myself those questions scares me…nothing…none…illegal drugs or suicide…those are the answers that pop in my head to the questions…it depresses me and makes it as to where I wont be surprised if and or when it happens…I see myself become cold on the inside and do something that may get me killed by the pigs or put away for the rest of my life or put on death row…and in my mind…I aint doing time to please this bullshit world of bullshit people…I will take my life if they give me life…the being killed by the pigs or given death is the only way…and even still im not gonna sit for years and years for deaths release…i’ll think back to how this all began before I die…it’s because someone I cared about could not get the help she begged and pleaded for…for so GOD DAMNED LONG…and no one would give it to her…the people I put to death…are a dedication to that someone…and her plight…Susan…its also a dedication to all of those who are and were in the same desperate situation who may have died or are currently suffering due to no help or the dangerous shit they felt they had to do or take in order to get a few moments of relief themselves…and it’s also dedicated to the ones who will do exactly what I did because they couldnt get the help they themselves will someday need or for a loved one…it’s gonna drive some of you to do the same thing to shed light on the shitty ways of the medical field and the people who turn their fuckin backs on someone they are suppose to help…that’s how I feel with no sugar, and no fake.

good morning kids

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Hi Anothony, I completely understand what you are trying to say here. These experiences have happened with me as well. I also agree to the point that these doctors do charge unnecesary amounts…and specially get tests done when not required…they recommend a place to get tests done so that they get commissions. I just feel, in general, in life it is so hard to trust anyone anymore. Nobody can be depended upon, nobody can be trusted and we cannot expecct… from anyone. It is so important to realise that the entire world is out to get youuuuuu!!! and only you are there for yourself. it’s a tough thing to accept but i got this learning just this year.


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