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Many people share their relationship issues on community posts. Some of them seek advice, but I believe that the best advice can come from children who witnessed their parents’ divorce or breakup. Their parents’ relationship did not only affect them, but also their children’s mental health. A relationship is not a joke. I do not understand how some people treat their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship nowadays as trends, casual experiences, or lifestyle choices. I do not understand how they end their relationships for trivial reasons and move on quickly. I do not understand why they do not even attempt to reconcile after a breakup. They do not realise that if these habits persist, they will affect their future marriage and their children’s mental health. I suffered from severe mental health problems when I was young because of my parents’ unhappy marriage. My mother took me to her family(nana’s) house when they separated. I had a terrible experience there. It affected my mental health at a young age. I developed social anxiety and I have not overcome it yet. Choosing the right person and understanding each other are more important than being in a relationship for the sake of trend or lifestyle. It becomes even more important when you decide to marry someone. So that your children do not get hurt by your relationship.

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Hey soooooo damnnnn true … I agree to each and every word of what you just said … I have gone through similar situations and I know the value of things you just said … and it’s not just even about romantic relationship it is about the relationship btw ppl nowadays … what to say I feel so sensitive because I have very bad mental health condition so I just hope our society understands it … :(


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