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Man. People just Try to act strong a lot. They want everyone in the world to be under their feed. Even to teen. Shout to him infront of public.

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oh god, some people are just so insensitive, … and idk why they think that being rude makes them better -.-

Prem @prem


Hey dear,
Since you are in teenage,these things will affect your young mind more.
Someone’s rude/dominant behaviour will make you feel like killing them.
Just calm down.Get into activities like yoga,dance or whatevar you like.
These idiots are not going to change and you don’t have to be violent to teach them a lesson.It will be your loss,not theirs.
Ever thought of fighting with a swine in mud? Whose loss it will be?
My father is 66 now and I am 28.I have got matured with age but he aint.
Can’t help it other than just concentrating on my work.

Khushboo @khushboo


Hello, i can understand you. These things might affect your mind more. Keep calm and all the best.

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