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Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Major communication issues between me and my father resulted in me being a total mess. I blamed everything on him. Every time something bad would happen and I would blame my father. My father shifting to another place due to work made me understand that it was my mind which just wanted to blame somebody instead of resolving the problem. If there are parental conflicts I would suggest that first you reflect upon your thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviour.

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Afreen @afreen


I understand everyone have problem with parents only the intensity varies.
But the best you can do is to focus on yourself ,your goals and don’t think too much about the problems it will affect you physiologically,mentally and your goals also.
And if you wish to resolve the problems you can go out for dinner with your dad communicate or do something special which your dad likes.
Little things also matter trust me.
good luck :)

Chhavi @chhavi


Apologize even if you are not at fault because parents are too precious creatures to be lost over petty things.


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