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Yash Bhardwaj @anryash

Mai kora kagaz tha
Tu kalam shyahi si
Kismat se bhr gye panne
Jab tu aai ri
Mera soona jeevan tha
Tu ghadi kalai ki
Mera vakt bura tha re
Hara vala talai thi
Mera dil jo khali tha
Tu mehek le aayi ri
Tu bas gyi dil m mere
Itni tu bhayi ri
Vo jakhm bhara tha mera
Jab marham laga h tera
Nibha lo ab to
7 vachano ka fera
Mere safar nafas drdo m
Ban jana hissa tera
Gujarish h meri to
Likh de kissa mera

Le @piyasacan ek aur poetry bs translate maar lio

Ban ja sada k lie
Tu humsafar
Tu hamnafas
Tu humdrd

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