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I’m a keen reader and I love to read novel and history and there is one thing that common in every era or in every century that create so much chaos and mess in whole world and that is the deeds which we did in the name of love many kings engaged in needless wars just because they claimed that they love someone and now they wanted to possession so they start needless wars created mess did deeds that never justify and that is what actually happened in our history love death destruction and that always effect whole society because due to those deeds always society blame that love is dangerous or whatever but we always know that deep down there is no love it all things that happens in history happened due to their desires and there uncontrollable lust which caused so many deaths destruction and still even in these days we did or every act we did on the name of love is just our desire our lust or our ambitions i don’t know what is others defination of love but mine is simple it is just giving everything to that perso and it is freedom of that person and never expect to that person to love us back or anything it is simple but maybe there is another definition that in the name of love do every deed that satisfy yourself like sex money or anything just say that you love them or just realised them that thing then ask them anything in the name of love and that is simple way because if you ask these things straight you know what happens so we use name of love and than we make fool other person and use them simple that happens in all history and am sure it will happen in future and yup it is happening in present offcourse what is your views guys ??

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Hey, thanks for sharing your insights.
Sure, being unreasonably selfish can be cruel sometimes or using someone just for the sake of it is the most gruesome.
Nevertheless, don’t you think, there’s a give and take relationship, just like inhaling and exhaling. We need to be loved in order to love someone.

For me, loving someone makes you feel not only closer to the opposite person but it also make you feel good about yourself. Nothing in this world is ‘selfless’. We do certain things because it makes us feel good and that’s how we are all been made.
All the one should keep.in mind that one shouldn’t go blind and make someone else’s life miserable for their own needs.
Otherwise, everything is fine. 🌻🌻❤️❤️🌼🌼

Don’t you think that give and take relationship are like a trade or some kind of business activities and yup selfless thing is very rare I think but I believe that is important feature of love to think about someone else and it take courage to do that and I believe that is love selfless otherwise give and take is just a simple Trade and it is already happens

Only if you delve deeper, it’ll make sense. Anyway, I hope you abide by your principles to the fullest.