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M sooooooooo happy🥳 My homie’s parents agree for his love marriage.
He told them in morning 🥺 n by eve they agreed without any arguments.
N even girl’s parents are partially onboard, she told them yesterday> frst they got abit angry, but later on said its alright. Even they suggested first try live in for few months n then decide.
Mind the fact that both are from completely opposite states, cast, stillll no drama from family. Literally I am so thankful n proud of these guys and thr parents.
🥺nazar na lge.
🤭🤭I don’t wanna give away this news to others (cuz rn only ik) but I realllllllllyyyy need to express this happiness thus Sharing here.
I hope and wish that every Indian parents should be understanding like this.

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Moonlight @hopping_sun

Whoa…thats really a good news bro!!❤️

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Mary @marebare


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