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Kartiki Sawant @kartikisaw...

M feeling demotivated since since 2-3 days…I don’t like feel to talk to anyone neither or call nor face to face … There is big ? …As I am not working anywhere m jobless…Also every new day facing health issues…not having a single person whom I can talk with trust…Fed up of this things😥

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Find things that may interest you. Like reading, watching a cooking show on YouTube, going outside for walks, helping your neighbours or learning something new. Cultivate an interested and nurture it, you will enjoy the process!


first of all find answers to all your questions. find out what you really want because you can fool everyone but yourself. You can change what you do but you can’t change what you want. so find ,ones you have all answers, know what you want you never feel unmotivated. watch videos of Alan Watts. You will find yourself.

Kartiki Sawant @kartikisaw...

Sure I will watch😇


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