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Shivani Jain @shivanijain

M ca kr rhi hu…mehnat krne k baad bhi clear nh ho pa rha h or 2-3 attempt dene k baad ab m bht jyda depressed hogyi…smjh nh aarha ky karu give up kru ya nhi…ab toh ghar pr bhi sbhi ne expectation chod di h mjhse

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Venky @venky

Ap important point ko samjo or exam m wahi point ko apne idea se liko or kabhi exam paper ko blank chodn nahi yea m bhi kar rha ho 2 year .

Shivani Jain @shivanijain

I agree with you but i have exam phobia …exam paper dekhte hi m sbh bhul jati hu…even jo mjhe perfectly aata h vobhi proper attend nh krke aati

Venky @venky

Shivani ji same problem I have while exam I try to be cool and while paper don’t think about your paper just close your eyes and try to feel free

Shivani Jain @shivanijain

Ohk i’ll try


I have been there where you are , and an advise from a 30 year old who couldn’t clear CA 
If you are ca-inter and get a good job in MNC after experience of 5 years you would be earning much more than a CA fresher 
CA is great,  but other courses like MBA , CMA , , etc can help you 
Find a good job , and continue your CA on sidelines also keep enhancing your other qualifications. Do not get stuck doing nothing for CA for year after year. 
My graduate friends with experience earns more than CA freshers. And for the society or friends and everyone they will never stop yelling pehle CA karlo … I am 30 , and victim to the lost land … hopefully you do not land here. If you are ca inter and graduate you can also apply for GST practitioner , etc : be focused try one or twice and then aim for good organization interviews and if you find one do not leave it :) , CA is just a option not the end if the world


hello sir…i really liked ur answer…myself CA inter student(first attempt in nov 2020)…i have 2 fears 1) not clearing through exams
2)no boom in CA jobs
IF POSSIBLE please…ping n advise me over…thanks in advnce


hi,you can also  look for other career options

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Lucifer @vivid_juice

yes but
you can try agin try than fine result is very osm
if your are’t believe you.


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