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Lowkey feeling really sad today. I study in a foreign university and was supposed to go back(believe me after a lot of hustle with my parents) in next 20 days as clg is reopening. All my friends have gone back. It’s safe in the UK now to go back and study. But yesterday it turned out that I can go because I have a student visa but hypothetically if I get ill and my father wanna come he can’t due to travel restrictions so I won’t be going because it would be too risky. I know he is kinda right but I am so frustrated rn. As much as I love my house it has been like in a trap lately. I wanna go study, make money, be independent. I don’t wanna just sit around and waste my time. Also I know my family is really happy that I won’t be going because apparently 6 mts are not enough so it won’t matter if I keep trying to make them understand that it is important for my career ahead to now and get a job there, they have the perfect excuse to make me stay.

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heym can totally understand ur frustration it feels we r wasting r young years in this pandemic, and not able to live fuly. i think you can try for job here so that you get somem indeppendence and able to sustain yourself. it will give you diff routine and skills to learn. also speakto your uni to know if they will let you defer or like study from here and finigh your exams and stuff. that way uh can complete ur degree nd also get job here.


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