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M @manss

Low, cause i really like a guy, so does he things were going good but he has his own fear with long distance relationship so he broke up w me saying we can start fresh when he comes after 2 months but i really miss talking to him cause the assurance he gave about starting fresh wasn’t strong enough and he told me I can date any other guys if they treated me right but i don’t want to.

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Have a open discussion as what he wants, connecting back after 2 months and you can date anyone,these words show that he’s confused.

M @manss

He said he’s dealing with something and he wanted me to understand to give him space and i gave him space. But what if he loses feelings after he comes back?


If the guys sure about you he will let you know about his situation. Efforts should be equal.

M @manss

He had told me not to put extra efforts for him and if it is meant to happen it will. I’m just confused as to what to do.


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