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Jessica Shah @jessshah46

Loving someone doesn’t mean to be with that person forever sometimes it’s good to let go the person you love and move on. Love lasts forever it doesn’t matter if you r together with them or not 😊

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Katty @katty27


Kapoor @dhruv11o

That’s all Love means to be with your loved one’s forever!!

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Tushar @tusharagni

It’s one life don’t be sad ever, just accept everything and keep ready the person inside to always smile n enjoy everything❤️

Jessica Shah @jessshah46

Very true

Luke John @lukejohn76

True ❤️

prince sahu @prince9838



It depends. When we can’t be with whom we love we say this but if we can be with our love one it can be “Never let go whom you love”. “Be with your love ones forever”. We say things which make us feel better.

Jessica Shah @jessshah46

I agree…

Rahul Rahul @rahul007


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