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Love… The most asked , confused topic of our generation. What exactly it is… Does it really love or how does it looks like… Why it’s painful…?? Etc etc… I will say love is really beautiful but not easy at all. All uh can do… Just feel it… Just live it… Nd remember love is never painful. It just that sometimes we go for wrong one

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Joker 😈😈😈 @joker279

I agree 💯 with your lines …
Facts ⭐
👍 i think the same …

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Nikunj B. @nikunj_bagaria

Love… for this generation is really complex, illusionary and impractical. I have been dealing with a lot of relationship issue cases and I feel there is much need of awareness into young generations on love relationships and the future of the same!!


Totally agree…


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