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Miso @nova_

Love. So, a guy asks a girl out. He says that he’s been in love with even since he saw her and that he wants to date her. The girl doesn’t shares the same feeling and just wants to remain as friends but she’s scared that if she’ll say ‘No, I don’t wanna go out with you’ to him ,he might get sad and later might get depressed so she thinks of saying yes. But then again she doesn’t wanna go out with him just for his sake. What should she do…?

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Jude @jude_x

You will have to break it to him, going out with him without any feelings is even worse. Yes he may or may not get depressed depending on the person but if dating him will just make it worse and lead to something way worse than a simple rejection using the appropriate words. It’s better for both of your interest to let each other know what they truly feel in mind. My best advice would be not to say we can still remain friends after the rejection and try to keep everything normal afterwards.


You have 2 options
Say yes for him
Say no for you
The choice is yours


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