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Love is Bliss.
Love is Pain.
Love gives Solace.
Love causes Yearning and Restlessness.
Matters of Heart are Very Delicate and Complex.
Why cannot all love stories have happy ending???
Why cannot love always get love in return??
Why is it that some ppl are so unfortunate that they can never confess about their love
They can never see,hear or be with their beloved
But just keep on missing the person
They have no right to miss???

Why is it that we desperately need that someone in our life
Who may or maynot need us in their life???

Why are mind n heart always in tussle???

Why is that someone becomes our whole world???

Why is love so cruel,ruthless n heartless???

That is breaks a person beyond repair…

Post anonymously?

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, I’m sorry. I understand completely. I’m in love with someone that cannot be, and it hurts so so much because we could never be together, despite the fact that they unlocked a part of my soul that I didn’t know existed. it’s like Love holds a gun, it’s cruel and it hurts, but like oxygen we need it to live. Life is tough and Love is harder. There is no rhyme or reason. It’s like “wait for it” song in Hamilton. “Love doesn’t discriminate, between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes, but we keep living anyway, we laugh and we cry and we break and make our mistakes.” Its hard. It hurts I know it hurts like hell. But you have the strength for it, I can tell by your words. Keep fighting, brave soldier. (Also, your words are so poetic I felt I needed a poetic response! Really, your writing is amazing though. You should do something like write poetry)


Touched by your response
Warm words to the core.
Thank you so much.
It truly means a lot…
N yes I am very passionate about writing
Though not poetry
I like writing fiction stories…
Thanks for your appreciation.

God bless you…
May all ur desires come true.
Thank you for ur time.
Take care.


Love is a feeling which is developed by yourself. It gives you result as you shape it. Look within yourself for answers, you’ll definitely find them.


Thank you for your time n wise n guiding words


your words are beautifull, but unfortunately nowadays this kind of thinking dosent work and almost hurt ourselvs


Yes u are right…
But some thoughts or way of thinking are deeply embedded n one cannot change it…
Just keep getting hurt…
No choice…
Thank you.


sorry, i saw your comment below of almost all of posts, are you an artificial inteligance or site employed?


Neither of that.
Whenever i get time
I just go through the posts here
N try responding to it…
With the hope that may the writer of post get a little hope or strength…
I just try to express my opinion about whatever is written
My words may or maynot be convincing.

N yes i agree i do repeat some of my words or sentences…

N to be candid commenting on posts here makes me feel good…n peaceful…

Also there are many others who try to respond to most of posts here…

Take care…
Thank you.