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Love doesn’t exist. People trick you into believing that they love you so that they can take advantage of you, emotionally vulnerable people fall for this trap. Don’t belive me? Ever been in a relationship? Did it last? What was the reason? Nah my friend. They left you cause they were taking advantage of you and as soon as they saw that you serve them no purpose now they left, giving false explanations. I know you don’t want to belive me but I’m saying this based on multiple experiences.

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Unfortunately it sounds like you’ve had bad experiences in the past. Shouldn’t give up on love though…just focus on yourself and u’ll find the right person at the right time

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Mahmood @malsarraj

I totally agree with you,
I’ve been through the same thing recently, I feel worthless,
Our promises, love were jokes to her,
She said that clearly…
And I am half stuck there now,
I don’t know how to help you but…

You should know that people won’t treat or love you the same way you do.
I believe you tried your best to be perfect with your friends or partner
And now you ended up alone.

Dear… I want you to believe all things work together for good.
I know this is the last thing you wanna hear but this is a hard lesson for you to learn how to build your relationships, and how to choose your people,
All will prepare you for the better one.

I don’t mean the problem is within you, NO.
but you should be prepared for everything.

And you will find your chosen one, and you both are gonna be happy together,
I cannot promise when, But I promise it will happen ;)
Life takes things from you to give you better. (if we reacted right)

What I want from you now is to work on yourself,
go to gym, learn new languages, play chess
Do things make you happy.

Finally, You are the one who decides weather to stay down forever or learn.

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Ujjwal @ubrdj

Love exists but it should not be confused with how it is shown in movies… that’s purely fictional and most people consider that to be true even if it’s one-sided… What’s more important is the tag that you have already used “Self love” which is lost and is not taught anywhere… people forget to love themselves and want love from others…Start loving yourself, pamper yourself, focus on your happiness… Eventually as life progresses you’ll find the one you deserve!!

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Simran @st1199

You went through such relationships that’s why you feel like in a relationship there is NO love and ONLY selfish purpose.
However, I would like to bring in a new perspective. When you feel for someone you can’t do anything but when you start knowing the person and how he treats you/values you/respects you/do things for you, a judgment can be made, and then things can be taken forward. Even if we don’t know in the beginning we do after a point and can see things differently, that’s when you take a STEP.

There are many types of relationships. One has a mutual breakup, one get’s cheated, one gets to know they were there only for physical pleasures, and the last one they know they can’t be together for a lifetime.


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