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Lost a lot in the habit of intoxication in childhood, then gradually the time became difficult, understood, and quit my bad hobbits,After that I thought of doing something big in life,and started observing my friends and others then I realise that how small these people think, they only think about money. And started fade away from everyone. Started improving myself. I did as much as I could, And I made myself better than before, But I wass losing my friends on the other side. I used to stay away from them because they remembers me only when they need me. And right now. Am still far away from my goals and I really wants to continue working on my goals, But sometimes it feels like am loosing everyone in life. Friends, relationships, everything. When I see other relationships, they looks so close and happy, but it doesn’t happens to me, And it demotivates me, And I am forced to think that I am doing right or wrong.

It’s so confusing, what should I do?
Everyone seems to be fake and does not feel like living with them and on the other hand the results of hard work are not that special.

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