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long rant about how much i hate my school bc i need to vent:) :
I switched school’s two years ago, i used to go to a great school i used to always brag about, the system was great, the classes were always fun and i had never once had a class where the teacher just talks and you take notes, we barely ever took notes and we didn’t even use books most of the time. They wanted to make learning fun, through group activities, games and projects that were actually fun. The ppl and the teachers were very involved and u could see how much ur money was actually being invested on things that would actually better our learning experience, the school was constantly being rearrange, every year they made a new building, a new class…, and change things around to make them better. I could go on and on about how much i loved it. Both me and my parents never once had a complain. But then i came here, a horrible place that looks like jail. We pay and insane amount of money, it’s a very private religious school that not anyone can attend from how insanely expensive it is, much more than my old school, you’d think your money would be invested on the school yet im pretty sure it only goes to their pocket, the school looks old, the bathrooms are so gross and the heaters don’t work, it’s freezing cold in class during the winters and incredibly hot during the summers. Classes consist of the teacher sitting down reading a book as we take notes, nothing more, it’s always the same. Students are spoiled kids i can’t get along with even if i tried and i have no interest to be their friend, the teachers are actually so rude it’s insane, i won’t talk about specific teachers and what they do cuz it would take me too long but ugh, i hate them sm. The school x parents relationship is also so bad, my mom has had to send emails complaining about certain stuff and teachers never reply to them. My friend who came with me from my other school left last year bc of how much she hated it, also bc a teacher literally called her mom annoying and talked bad about her with other teachers (i heard it) bc apparently she send too many emails… oh and to make it worst teachers are creeps, there was this teacher who ab*sed some girls when they were younger, he is fired only now bc only now they spoke about it, our school was on the TV for that and we couldn’t go to class for a week bc of that. My grandpa went to this school when he was my age (back then it was a public school) they at first treated him great bc they thought he was the son of a ceo, when they found out that wasn’t true they changed the way of treating him and his parents, he was the best student in the school, they even had his pictures hanged on the hallway but he was kicked out so easily when one month his parents asked for a few more days to pay bc they didn’t have money bc they had to invest it on his sick brother. That’s why my grandpa never took my mom to that school yet she somehow thought taking me would be a good idea 🤦🏻‍♀️ someone pls get me out lol

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I know what you are feeling. I recently changed my school and it’s been horrible ever since then. This school is just shit my old school was a lot better. I would suggest you to just go with the flow I know it sounds well only in saying and not in theory but you have to do this you have no other option. I have never been bored as I have felt in this school and switching to a co-ed school have also been not that great I guess I know this won’t help but still


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