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One Sided LoveThought


(Long one please read) Hey everyone. I’m new to this platform and English is first language so please excuse any grammar mistakes. 8-9 years ago I moved out my grandma’s and grandpa’s home with my mum.(that was a quite traumatic experience) my mom got married again. In my last home I went to music school where I learnt how to play piano and as soon as I realised that here is also a music school was happy to enroll. Then i met this boy and we became friends. But after a year i dropped put of this school because my teacher was making fun of me,my looks and my lack of performance skills. Remember I was 10 at this point. And then after i dropped i stopped talking to this guy and this carried of for almost 9 years. But last summer i was at the shop and i saw him and his friend. He said hi to me and I didn’t say hi back because i was in shock. I’m not exaggerating it. And then not to long ago he transferred into one of my classes. Me him and one of my closest friends were in a project that our teacher assigned us. And we talked (about the project obviously) but that made me very happy. He said “am i doing this right?” And I replied “no not really but that’s ok” and i saw him smiled. He didn’t even looked at me once, maybe he doesn’t want to see my ugly face (facts!) and this year we had a really BIG festival at our school and I remember few moments. 1. I was going towards the stage and he was running to the dressing room and he didn’t controlled his speed and almost crashed into me but thank God he pushed his hand of the wall and we didn’t crash. 2. When it was our turn to to the performance he stood next to me as i said to my friends “I’m really nervous” and i could see in the corner of my eye that we was looking at me i knew he wanted to say something but then he asked my classmate “is it yours turn?” To sum it all i liked this boy for almost a decade and next year I’m finishing school and I don’t know what I’m going to do when he’s not around. Am I in an one sided love? Please someone help me I’m actually going insane.

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Rameshta @rams

Hey there! I finally made to the end of your story, it was quite intriguing. The only person who could really answer the question “Am I in an one sided love” is you yourself dear. You should take out some time and think about the things you both had, the time you spent together to understand the chemistry between you too, how you felt like when he was around you? Does he feel same for you? These are some questions you should really answer and you will get a better idea to move on. You maybe in one sided love and the feelings like these towards a person is very special. When you vibe with that person the feeling of attraction you have! I was also in one sided love once! I would love to share it with you hopefully you will find a way out! And never consider yourself ugly this feeling of pity upon yourself is not you should have, rather being proud of it what you look like and there will be a person one day who will accept you for who you are ! I have to go now or I will miss my lecs! Bbye ❤️


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. When I’m with him I feel like he’s the one for me and I don’t want anybody else. I don’t know what he feels about me and that is worry some. I would love to connect with you and if you don’t mind learn about your experience. Good luck in your lectures! ❤️

Rameshta @rams

Hey, How have you been! I am so, so, so sorry and I deeply regret not getting back to you. But I hope you are doing good! I was off from any kind of social media. The reason I didn’t saw your reply. How are you doing?


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