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Anonymous @ana_s

Lonely to be honest…

Hello guys,

I know most probably each of us are facing with such feeling. But I have most frequently such feeling of loneliness…Nowadays, its not easy to have a truly good friend with who will be pleasure to share and feel comfortable. However, in my life it happens that every time when I open myself and thinking oh finally she is a good friend and I can trust and feel good to go out… but later through small details again and again I start to notice the bad eyes look or becoming jealousy for even nicer cloths or that I look better or if I share with my success suddenly she can become sad… and it hurts me a lot because I cannot pretend and continue be friends if I see that someone is jealousy… Later those girls “friends” hanging out with other girls and not inviting me…and for example we have in the city events all people out and I dont know even with whom to go out and it makes me feel more lonely when its holidays or events 😔… Yes, I know there re many books and lectures about it that people finding interest for themselves never feel lonely or bored. But still if I remember that ex friend or currently new one that also hurted me… it makes me feel very lonely and I wish to be like everyone but its not about me.

For example, I met a nice girl and we had soo many things and thinking in common opinion and I always feel empathy to people and always careful to other feelings, always listen and never hurt with sharp words but later I notice that they see me like weak and start to teach me at the end by manipulating. And recently such girl ex friend did same, self realizing herself by stepping on me. Hiding her stories from me or again opening and showing that she is so much socializing with others and not inviting me even and one time she said to me even “yes, pisces horoscope like that they 2-3 friends and thats it, they cannot trust anyone” . In my understanding, better to have 2-3 with good quality friends rather than to collect all trash and to segregate “friends” for parties, to cry , for outing, or whatever… so when she is going out she is never inviting me but when to cry or to talk and support her morally suddenly she starts to find me…


Who faced with it? and how to overcome this lonely feelings? Pls tell me… I really wish to meet someone good people and being honest and just to enjoy life and share moments without jealousy, without later manipulation and etc… but its truly difficult to meet such people in life 😔😔😔😔😔😔

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Wow that was a long one buddy.
Appreciate you sharing.
When the timing is right iam sure you’ll find the right one.
You got this my mate.

Anonymous @ana_s

thank you for ur kind words and support, but its many years already such feelings of loneliness and I start to feel I am more already into that … its kind of sad and dont know already when such moment can come…


As someone who have been through these kinds of issues with so many girl-friends, I gotta say, be confident in your skin and with your abilities. Jealous friends will at some point make you feel unworthy or bad about yourself; that’s why you should learn to take over the control of your mind. It takes time and experiences and you shouldn’t rush it. You don’t always need people around you to enjoy life or feel complete.

Anonymous @ana_s

my God 😣 your comment is really touched me and each word to the point, I truly do appreciate for it. I hope it will make me stronger that i will stay same as i am and just to meet good surroundings with the same calm mind and peace inside and outside. Sometimes I truly feel myself like strange maybe and asking even myself why I am not like everyone, or to learn to make fake laugh or pretend more in front of people so that i can easily socialize with everyone … but then i know myself inside i will not be truly happy till the end because in those situations I will not be myself…all days just spending in my room and i feel even comfortable not to talk to anyone , watching something, cooking, reading , watching instagram what is going on outside… and stories of “happy” girls how their life is fantastic …

Also, I noticed myself, I like kind of old fashioned i guess things like retro museums of 1945 or smth like that… recently i attended museums how cinema was created and etc and I dont know why 😂🙈 but i am getting so much pleasure when i see those old things that are forgotten but its saved until today this is what truly admire me… BUT WHO LIKES THIS KIND OF THINGS NOWADAYS 🤣 ALMOST NO ONE.
Who listening Barry White, Phil Collins, Norah Jones etc…almost no one, most people will run for Arcadia or Daydream festivals but not me… maybe i
boring for most “friends” that tastes are also not common… it makes me feel i am strange …

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Now&Me @nowandme

hey fren 🤍 we think talking to an expert might help you. we have an expert feature here on now&me where u can speak to an expert and gain new perspective as well as effective solutions to ur situation. do give it a try. we think u will like it 🧡


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