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Lonely n lost…my bf n me broke up 2 weeks back after 6 months of dating .we were in a long distance relationship for past 3 did n work out n he wanted to date other girls. I just found out he already has a new girlfriend and they ve gotten very close. I know he s nice guy n just want to live his life…yet we talked so much about our future n it hurts badly to know he is living all that with another girl n so happily moved on.

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heyy, can understand how that feels. someone you planned with is not a part of those plans anymore. it’s strange, and i hate to sound like everyone else, but trust me, having been in your position before, all i want you to know is that there comes a time when it gets better, we move on, it’s hard, makes us trust other people less and less.
but eventually we find other people who’re capable of loving us, and we find it in our hearts to love again.

this too shall pass…xx


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