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Lonely and depressed are the words that i would choose to describe myself right now. Cannot figure out what to do next. Until now never let issues at home affect my work and professional conduct. But what do you do when no one understands you? How do you make them understand you do not have bad intentions for anybody? How do you feel you are a part of the family when they do not accept you at all? Its been 6 years now that I am married but I still feel like an outsider. My in-laws do no accept me at all and all my efforts have gone in vain. This has led to innumerable fights between me and my husband. It has reached to a point wherein we do not even respect each other, yet he does not want to leave me. He says he loves me but honestly if you love someone can you see them cry every single day? Would you not take any efforts to address the issue if your loved one is in pain?
I asked him to move out of the house and live somewhere else. He agreed to it but it has been 3 years and we’re still here in the same house. The truth is he does not want to because he loves his parents a lot but then why not leave me. Why put me through the same torture and pain every single day.

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Neha @diz_85


Its not just these issues there’s more to this.


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