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Lol. So my guy friend whom I like always kept telling me he doesn’t want to date. Now suddenly, he wants to date, just someone else.
I’m upset cause I gave my all in our relationship of whatever it was between us. He knows how I feel about him and kept breaking my heart. Now if I want to leave the friendship, he’s angry? How does that even make any sense. 3 years constantly he led me on and then broke my heart over and over again. Made me travel 15 hours to meet him only to hurt me again.
Is it wrong that I want to leave the friendship? Someone please give me advice…

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No it’s not
Go ahead

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Sanket @sanket

Well did he ever mentioned that he had/has feelings for you? Was he always clear with what kind of perspective he has for you? Did he ever played with your emotions?
If not, then breaking this friendship is very selfish and stupid and him being angry is very legit
Breaking the bond just because you guys cannot be in a relationship is sensible & worthy?


Yes he mentioned he had feelings. He was never clear on his perspective. He always says he doesnt know what he wants. And I mentioned he has played with my feelings again and again. So I have the right to walk out if I choose. Its not stupid for wanting to leave. He wants to be angry over this thats on him. I dont think the way he treats me is validated.


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