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little things like the reflection of car headlights on wet roads at the end of a rainy day, or pouring milk into a cup of coffee, or putting on a hoodie after you’ve been out in the cold, or the bright look on a dog’s face when their owner comes back home after a long day of work, or seeing a friend laugh at the joke you made, or getting an A on the test you didn’t study for, or listening to the latest song from your favourite artist for the first time, or perfectly catching something your friend threw towards you, or hearing your favourite song at the mall. it’s the little things. all the little things that make life what it is.
I hope you smiled at least once while reading this. ???

4 replies

Monika @monika

YESSSS I DID! it’s all about the little things in life. i love this post.


this is so happy i love it

S @nm_user_1586183469481

how wonderful!!!


Beautifully written


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