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Jack @jackschaner

Life. What a fragile thing. What a wonderful, terrible, sacred, unwanted thing. Thats the thing im going to talk about.

Life is about risks, and I learned this the hard way. Im not going to go into detail about my stories though, you clicked on this because of Life.

Life is about risks.

You play it safe in life, your not gonna have much of a life.

Life is risk. Risk is life.

You need courage. Oh, you need a heap of courage.

You need confidence. You need a load of confidence.

You need to take risks.

And taking risks is gonna cost you something. Thats why theyre risks. And most people are not willing to pay the cost of risks.

Because its gonna hurt. Sometimes, its gonna hurt a lot. Sometimes, its not gonna hurt as much. But its gonna hurt. And it will leave a mark.

Do you have a goal? A dream? Something to pursue? Everyone does. But when you picture that goal in your mind, what you dont picture is getting to the goal.

See, something called life gets in the way. Challenges. Obstacles. Risks.

Life is about risks.

And your gonna have to hurt to get past them. Theyre gonna leave a mark on you. Permanently.

Listen. Life is not easy. In any aspect. At all. Nada.

Do not live in your bubble.

Step out of it.

Put more air in it.

Get out of your comfort zone.

You stay in your comfort zone, you will fail at achieving your goal. Your success. You will fail outside your comfort zone, but you will not fail at success.

Success is not comfortable. If you want success, you will be uncomfortable.

And thats life.

Everybody has extraordinary cababilities.

The question is

What are you going to do with them?

Life. What a fragile thing.

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Well said.


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