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Long Distance RelationshipThought


Life was soo much good before …even though I had few insecurities that he might breakup with me …he always made me feel he will never❤️But now I feel he changed a lot 😞all he wants to do is travel with his friends n lead a carefree life forever! Hez confused whether he wants me or not😞 m totally blank that I donno what to do …should I give him some time or should We just breakup mutually ? Thinking about a breakup really shatters me but At least he will be happy 🙂

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Aarti @aas

Hey! I would suggest just give some time maybe he has something on his mind…but after that time please see that his behaviour is still same or not…just talk to him about this things…if he has something in his mind he will explain… otherwise you are just wasting your time on a person who doesn’t deserve you…but please talk to him and explain things to him clearly afterwards take your decision…have a good day🥰


Thank you soo much for your valuable advice😊


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