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Life Update
Today I feel like everything is going wrong in my life. I don’t know why I am feeling what I am feeling but yeah life update that it sucks, it sucks to be the loser waiting for others to choose, I recently joined college for my higher studies. I thought I would make nice friends and can chill but now it is feeling like a hopeless dream. There is something wrong with our group I don’t know what sometimes I feel like yeah this is what I want and sometimes I feel like why I got involved with them, one friend of mine is good to us in college and acts like we don’t exist after college. One friend of mine whom I had a crush on is a total weirdo, I don’t why the heck I even have a crush on him and someone who is reading this please please tell me how can I get over this toxic crush thing, I don’t want to feel like this about him but can’t help it… ah please help, I know he is such a self-conceited person who thinks that he is best, and whatever he says we should follow. most importantly he differentiates ( So basically there is one more girl in our group younger than us, she is a crazy ass person, and when I say that I mean it, a total weirdo) so he thinks we don’t treat her better ( which I try my best to do!!!) and he is good to her like in group when she texts he replies and when anyone else texts he doesn’t, previously he used to send me meme on Instagram and when I send him, he doesn’t open it for days. I think even when we are in the group he ignores me… but still I don’t want to hurt him… other friends of mine are very pissed at him but still, I don’t want him to feel awkward around us.
Someone, please help, like really help/ suggest how can I get over this toxic crush of mine.
Thank you
To whoever had read till here.

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shivaay @focus45

I would things gonna come up in life and I’m facing too that think like it’s in different scenario which we can talk later. In your senario you can’t blame yourself or try to convince him to not to talk to him because he might bored of you which we all do in some point of time and that’s fine it not your mistake so try to see what makes you happy apart people comes and go (not easy to this things but I know you can do it)I would try to do your simple daily tasks like doing your assessment or maybe playing games. You know i started meditation in covid and in not that frequent but I got some focus from it so try to learn or do some things like swimming or being volunteer might be good option and this will help you to meet new people and you will get distracted from this things. Try friend which you trust it’s not easy you will find it. Till then take Care yourself and let me know you need any help .


Thank you!


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