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Tanesha Das @tanesha


This simple words has many meanings in itself. For you life can be all about fun , enjoyment but for me it’s kinda different for me my life is now all about feeling lonely, awful and blahh blahhh (full of regression)
You know i have everything a human being needs friends, family, sibling, parents and yahh money . But you know you do not feel connected to them they don’t know what’s going within you how much you suffering
Tbh now i just want to go somewhere where no one can find me or know me

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Akshat @alfakilo47

What happened? 🤔

abhi Singh @abhishek6780


Luka K @loki007

Nothing is as dreadful as plastic people. Fun and excitement starts with new uncertainties. Start taking new steps. Explore and exploit yourself to new things. Believe me…you gonna see the change. Throw yourself to different day and bounce back. All wishes butterfly 🦋


Oh that’s okay to feel like this .many of us go through this thought…do you feel it’s recent or you are feeling this for a long time

Akash Goel @silent_nyt

It happens when you have a heart break, usually we feel like we need a new place new life…where no one know us. Its ok I’m in the same boat ryt now. Take a deep breath, now it’s time to turn the table.

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Imran immY.. ❤ @imranali12...

Hlw… Dear friend… 😊


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