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Life just feels so empty…not out of boredom, not cuz i dont have anything to do, not because i dont have friends…Growing up i was a very passionate kid who was curious about everything and wanted to know more about everything and everyone…My house wasn’t the right place for me to have done what i wanted…my father isn’t a good person, even though he is present physically he is somewhere else mentally…my mom is just too fed up of him, she didnt have a lot of patience to raise me and my younger sister…It was already hell at my house, id rather just tell people that i grew up in hell…no love no affection nothing…it was durning my days when i was 12 i became a victim for depression…i tried to ignore the situation in my house and look at the bright side since i had a good chance of being happy at school…ever since i started my 1st grade till now i trusted people who were there to use me, spread false rumors and many terrible things…but it has changed i have got trust worthy friends and all but i just a get myself to trust them, i dont know how to receive the love that they have given…like yeah i have tried being all positive but i just cant trust them… i just feel like an extra weightage on earth… i feel empty.i am numb.

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😊🌻it helped thankyou

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