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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

life isnt easy right now. i cant take all the pain anymore. i just end up hurt. my father doesnt want to spend the holidays with me. i havent had one with him for 3 years. its not easy knowing your own father doesnt care about you. im done with this. I cant keep holding on anymore when i am just being hurt. im losing it. im slowly giving up.

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Well hey, I can feel you that life is not on track. But everyday there is a sunshine after the midnight ( where everyone is lost ) if your dad is not there for you for any reason. Try to share these emotions with someone very very verryy close to you and sometimes people like me are comfortable speaking to strangers. This is what this website for. Life and pain are like that cup of water that you hold in your hand, you will feel nothing in first 5-10 mins but if you keep holding it for another 30 mins you will start to feel the pain and if you hold it for 2-3 hours your hands will feel paralysed. See the weight of water was same but if you hold on to that for a while you will feel paralysed. I am here. You can talk to me anytime :)


thank you it means a lot to me. but i have nobody. my bestfriend is dead and i dont live with family.


Try to talk to as much people as you can. Use social media. Go out talk to strangers. Let things out from your mind. You can always talk to me. Want my insta id ?


I know what you are going through I’ve been there and I still am there in a way. But please don’t give up. I believe in you, your strength, courage. You are so much more important than what one person thinks of you. I’m sorry but I have to go all SPN fandom on you here; Family don’t end in blood… but it doesn’t start with it either. I care about you. The people you talk to even weekly care about you I’m sure. In fact, you’d be suprised how many people care. Give it time, give yourself time. Take a week off and breath. Watch TV, eat your favourite foods, play a game you haven’t played in years, colour in, maybe do some exercise if you want to. Find a way to get your emotions out; for me it’s making music, dancing, and singing loudly when no one is home. Take showers, no matter how long and over all just remember you have worth and you mean something. Look after yourself and try to remember it’ll be OK. Oh, and don’t forget to buy yourself something extra special for Christmas! If I can help you, let me know <3


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