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life isnt always easy, i have to pretend to be someone i am not almost every day. im not sure what to do anymore.

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Yes thats true life is not easy!

We have to be positive and strong enough such that we can breakdown every obstacles

Learn to face & solve problem wisely not run away from that , run away is not solution it will take time but can be solved

Be positive keep smiling 😄

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Simran @st1199

Life isn’t easy and it will never be. If it becomes easy, what will be the joy of living it and trying to get everything we want, right? We struggle every day, fall, get rejected, stand up, and never give up, that’s what life is about.

I believe we change who we are when we are around different situations means when we are in Office/School/College, we need to maintain decorum but we need to be the same with our friends be it anywhere. If you pretend to be someone you aren’t just so that they like you then you are going the wrong way and you will never be happy and satisfied.

Just be who you are. People will judge you, stay away from you, and would not like to be your friend but there will also be people who would want to get to know you. 💙



That is not true. It depends on how you see the world. And what you expect from surroundings. Just try to be yourself lets say for a month. Forget about society and community. Show your real self first to yourself and then to people around. The worst that can happen is you will see some people parting ways with you. But trust me that will happen for good. You will be more satisfied, happy, stress free and convinced in absence of people who are fake and want others to fake, who are judgemental, who are with you because you are mending yourself their way. Why should you change for someone.
Everyone of us is unique and want to be accepted the way we are. Lets not put yourself in dye create by others

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Let that go. Start being yourself. It is never too late to be yourself.
Throw caution to the wind and embrace your true self :)

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yes it is, but pretend to be someone else is going to make it more difficult at the end. just be yourself, cause you are enough. don’t listen to what people opinion about you, it’s your life not theirs


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