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Life is tough its just i am tired of being the adult Even though i m the youngest but i have to bear all responsibility taking care of 2 kids of my brother qnd their studies, school tution ,household work job family issues, people of my age are partying visiting places living their life and i am always doing that doing this…i am tired…

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Well their mother Don’t give a damm about them or her sasural she is staying at her parent’s right now …its getting hard day by day to do everything own my own…me and my parents are taking care of them since their birth but sometimes i feel why me why can’t i have a normal life like other people…

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Vaishali S. @vaishali_shah

You have a BIG heart to take this responsibility on!
But having said that, I think by easing their challenges u r doing a disservice to them because they have to face the reality that they are married and they have kids and they shd get their act together.
You are also doing a disservice to urself by giving up on your dreams.
You can find me on the expert panel… i can help u get out of this


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