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Life is really hard , we can’t get what we want, we can’t expect anything from anyone here, people are really selfish. I know that everyone thinks about themselves first but sometime we have to think about others also. Here being a women a married woman means lots of restrictions like you can’t go anywhere without permission. You can’t wear something if they don’t like it. You know who are they ,I think I don’t have to explain it. You can’t have fun if u are a daughter-in-law. You have to think about society, what they’re going to say if they’ll saw you having fun with friends , what they will say if you are going to wear jeans and t-shirts, you have to behave like a well mannered person, you have to look beautiful in front of them. You have to show your gold , you have to reach at home before sunset but my son can wander at night, you can’t go at your friends home, don’t spend too much time under sun you will become black, you don’t know how to dress, you have to dress according to us , you have too buy things according to us, you can’t eat this coz we don’t like it and you can’t be the person you were before marriage.

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Hey…tbh I think we’ve one life n here on this planet we are supposed to live our supposed to enjoy it fully…n if u think that some relations are holding you then just leave them,…cuz God has blessed us wd such a beautiful life thn we must enjoy it…hope you’ll understand or you can talk to me


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