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Okita @okita

Life is hitting me real hard rn
I just had a mental breakdown, headache, negative thoughts and now I feel like shit What else can be even worse? Getting bad grades next? Or getting so attached to someone that when they go out with someone else, I get jealous/ overthinking that they might fall in love? Screw friendships man, all they do to me are just decreasing my brain cells and making my mental health worse lol. Itโ€™s not even fun to have friends anymore, all they do is compare whoโ€™s smarter, better. Literally all of them are narcissists, I hate this sm. Overthinking sucks. Everything sucks. I hate myself for this.

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Hmmm Mmmm @perfectionist


Overall you donโ€™t have good friends better focus on studies thatโ€™s all focus on your improvement and try to be better soon theyโ€™ll come to youโ€ฆtill then get a short break from everyone but not with your partnerโ€ฆ


Hmmm serious hai lekin in sab mein ek acchi baatein hai pata hai hr event kuch na kuch accha deta hai ek incident share krta hu mera ek frnd tha usko money ka urgent use tha maine de diya jbki mereko pata hai agr mai de dunga toh mere paas nai bachenge phir bhi diya mai usko aur uske chlte pata hai mai 15days rha hu bhukha toh mere liye frndship ka meaning bahut tha aur jb aisa hua ki in middle of 15days socho koi nai hai aapke flat mein koi puchne wala nai no calls n text aur jo bndi thi hmlog recent miley thay attachment se bahut hogyi wo bhi gyi toh yahan dekho aap na dost hai na bndi uspe bhukha alag hu toh wo din mereko ye sikhaya ki khud ko jinda rkhna aur value dena kitna jruri hai ye padhai ya aapka jo bhi interest hai ya passion ye sb tbhi ho payenge jb aap khud ko ek good state mein rkhoge uss din ke baad se maine kisi se umeed sb kuch Todd diye aur na hee mai kisiko apna dost Manta hu aur na hee relationship ke chakkar mein rhna atleast mai toh jee rha hu sb kuch kiya lekin kya mila kuch nai toh kuch event hono chahiye life mein bahut jruri hai aur jb time aayega toh jitne deserving hm hain koi mil jyega hme aur na miley toh bhi thik hai kyunki humne uss environment mein jeena sikh liya hai ab mereko kisi se mtlb nai hai mujhe tumhari jrurat thi but maine wo stage clear Kiya aur hmesa mere saath aise hee dost rhe hain toh mai kr leta hu stage clear lekin wo logg nai kr paate maine dekha toh unko meri jrurat hai mujhe nai aur kahi na kahi jb smjhenge tb tk late hojyega but sahi hai ye

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