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Life is complicated!

I am 31 years and mom of 2 kids and married since 10 years. But me and my husband have never been happy together and we fight often . He never trusts me ,in one word I am not myself after marriage and whatever I talk is wrong to him and ter is no understanding between us. His family also blames me and supports my sil andy husband evn the mistake is on my husband’s side… They like my kids and my husband and they totally hate me… But i always feel disappointed because I trust people a lot and finally get disappointments. I actually want to leave my husband because I hate him ,but can’t leave him because of kids… Sometimes we ll be happy and again we ll fight…this is only happening regularly… Above all he never supports me and never opens his mouth in front of his dad.I hate life. I thought money is enough for life but feeling irritated to be trapped in this relationship…Help me please

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I don’t want to involve in this thing because I don’t know anything about marriage. But as the last person said u both need to understand each other.
It’s been beautiful 10 years for you both. If there is love there will be fight. Fighting is not bad but don’t do it too often it will effect you both by health wise. As per me marriage is a beautiful commitment for both him and her. Just start talking to him slowly don’t rush otherwise he will suspect anything else talk about your beautiful marriage. First day of your baby walking etc. Everything will workout stay strong stay healthy God loves you


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