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Tamanna @tamanna_13

Life is a one-time movie which has no replay option nor you can pause it; the only option you have is live it, so it depends on you how you live it either you live it happily & be grateful for whatever you have or you just keep regretting or get annoyed seeing what others have. In this story of life, you will meet numerous number of people some of them will make you feel happy, some might break your trust but in the end, everyone comes in our life for some reason either to teach us a lesson or to make us happy when we are at lowest. Life is full of both joys and disasters. In life it is normal to have ups & downs, but how you react to these situations is what matters the most. When you face it adversity let it strengthen you rather to break you. Life is beautiful, but not always. It has lots of problems which you have to face everyday but these problems which make you strong. They give us courage to stand alone; makes us understand our mistakes. In the end we all must remember it is just one life; live it to the fullest make each day memorable, fulfill all your dreams, just do whatever you like either it is dancing in the rain or just simply trying bungee jumping.

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