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Life humbled me so much I swear , I had my computer science class and we just gave it’s exam an hour ago and our teacher was asking us if we all would be able to score 75 out of 100 in it and I told him that ofc that’s average and I would be able to score that much ( with decent confidence in myself and I don’t think that wrong) there was this one guy in my class who always used to score the least and he commented that I don’t attend class often so therefore I am too confident and I told him that I am not being overconfident I just believe that almost everyone can score above 75 since that’s average and then since I got a little furious I judged him and said that I bet that even in today’s test I would have scored more than you. And this mean side of me became my instant karma and I got to know that I scored the least this time and he is the one who topped the class ( the class is of 6 students ) and I was so ashamed and embarrassed but learnt that I would never comment negative to someone even if they do . But I really doubted myself today and I feel so worthless. :,(

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