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Life has been so awful. It is full of surprises we did not expect. Most of the times loneliness will creep in our minds and ruin the existence we had built. There are days that unexpected shadows of the past visit us out of nowhere, perhaps in times when we are not ready and capable to immerse ourselves with its darkness. Out of the blue, we are now lost on life’s purpose and questioning ourselves became a habit as the bliss of existence were now perceived as a curse. Thus, it leaves us two risky choices. To continue or to stop. Don’t blame life for its nature. It is what it is. Always pushing us on the edge of surviving and quitting.

But then, maybe this journey is unknown and the track we once thought that will bring us delight was slowly swallowing the raw of happiness we deserve. Simply because no one can escape the sadness that this life will bring.
But there, maybe we could find the strength we have been looking for from the moment we understand its cycle. Again, don’t blame life for its nature. It is what it is.

But there is one thing we need to understand, that this journey is nameless where one’s weaknesses could lead to death.

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Well written!!!

Anuj @anujv17

Damn dude what wonderful written and let out


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